All the reporting you're used to.
None of the cost.

Y'know how some "free" surveys and trials limit reporting to a CSV export? That sucks. You deserve much better than that.

Visual Report

Make sense of the responses to each question - at a glance - by converting your data into a visual report.

Choose from a table view, bar chart, stacked bar or pie chart. The clean visuals give you exactly what you need to beef up your analysis and add instant meaning to PPT slides.

Plus, toggle on/off "no answer". Get previews of written responses, or see them all, and match respondents to the questions they answered.

Dig into your data.

Wanna see charts only for a subset of your respondents, like those who answered No to a question? Apply conditions with a click to filter out irrelevant data.

Export to Excel

Slice and dice the data however you see fit by exporting your responses to Excel.

Import into SPSS

Statistician at heart... or got that title on your business card? Then you'll dig that you can import your data into SPSS.

Include/Exclude select data

Before exporting, add or remove data about your respondents. Or download only responses to the questions you choose.

Good looking reports you'll be proud to share.

Table view.

Bar chart.

Stacked bar chart.

Pie chart.

Give FourEyes a shot. It's free.

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