Privacy Statement

FourEyes strives to provide a comprehensive and protective privacy policy regarding the information you collect, your personal information and any email addresses you disclose while using our service.

FourEyes provides a modern, advanced, and easy to use online survey building and distribution software designed for use by individuals and corporations.

During the course of usage of FourEyes, we may collect and analyze aggregate information of visitors including the IP addresses, website domains, referring URLs and survey tokens. This information is used both to protect the service against malicious sources, and improve our website and services.

We collect different information depending on how you use FourEyes. There are three distinct types of user:

  • Owner
    • An owner is a user with a FourEyes account who is building, or has built, a survey within FourEyes,.
  • Respondents
    • A respondent is a user who has viewed and optionally entered data into a FourEyes survey.
  • Website Visitor
    • As a website visitor you’ve come to our website.

All information we collect about people is stored in a secure location as mentioned in our Security Statement, and sensitive information such as password and any credit card information is encrypted and stored in compliance with PCI Security Standards.

Additionally, we maintain that YOU own all of your data and we do not and will not ever exchange, share or sell that data with any 3rd parties.

The information we collect:

  • Usage information - we log what pages you visit within our website, and your general activity on the website. We use this information to make our service better for you. As well, like most websites, our web servers keep a log each time there is a request for any data. These web server logs include the address of the page you came from, if you clicked a link to come to our website.
  • Browser and device - we collect the type of browser you are using as well as the general type of device so that we can keep our site looking great on all devices and performing well for all of our users.
  • Account information - if you are a survey Owner, we collect your name, username, password, and email address. If you are on a paid account we also collect and securely store your payment information. We do not share any of this data, it is used exclusively for the purpose of providing our services to you.
  • Email addresses - if you are a survey Owner, we allow you to store email addresses for sending out surveys. These are your data, they are never used or shared by us, except when you direct us to process them.
  • Survey data - we store the questions and responses to all of the surveys. The survey Owner is the controller of this data, and can delete, or export this information at the request of any Respondents. We do not share this data with any third party.
  • Cookies - we use cookies to allow the functionality of our website, as well as social media login abilities.

The information we share:

  • We do not share your information or data with any third party except in the following cases:
    • When processing your credit card payment we share your payment details with a secure payment processor exclusively for the purpose of collecting payments.
    • When sending email survey invitations we share email addresses with secure email service partners.
    • When mandated by law, regulation, or legal process.

Owners and survey results:

  • As an Owner, you are the controller of the survey data. Collection of data from minors (under the age of 13, or higher as given by laws in the State/Country) is not permitted. Respondents may contact you and request the removal and/or export of their data, and you may be obligated to do this depending on their country of residence, and we recommend you do this even if not required by law.
  • As a respondent, you should be aware that the surveys are controlled and managed by the survey Owner (the person who sent or otherwise provided the survey). In these cases FourEyes is only processing your survey responses on behalf of the Owner.
  • Owner and Respondent privacy is very important to us, and we ensure that the data mining and analysis we provide ensures anonymity (by aggregating and/or anonymizing the data), unless of course you give explicit consent to the Owner for the collection of personal data.

Data Retention:

  • The Owner of the survey is the controller of survey data, and as such the Owner is responsible for removing data when it is no longer required.
  • As a Respondent, the Owner will be able to inform you how long your survey responses will be stored in FourEyes.
  • For Owners, your account data can be removed upon request, please contact FourEyes Support.

Data Requests:

  • Unless required by law, data requests from an individual will be limited to once per year.

Email distribution including Email Campaigns and Test Email:

  • Certain regions, such as Canada and the EU, require that you have recent, explicit consent to send emails to individuals in those regions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid recent, explicit consent.

We update our privacy policy from time to time and endeavor to make it clear what has changed. If any changes affect what data we collect and/or how we intend to use the data we will notify all users.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact FourEyes Support.

Last updated: May 31, 2018

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