Securely send surveys and collect meaningful responses

You don't like to be limited - and we don't wanna limit you. That's why you can invite people to take your survey any ol' way you choose.

Easy Distribution

You can send plain text or HTML emails directly from FourEyes by uploading your contacts. Send test emails. Customize the reply-to address. Schedule emails in advance. View the status of sent emails - like clicks and bounces. And send automated reminder emails effortlessly.

Or you can embed your survey on your web page using our embed script. Or share shortened links on any social network. You can also add a source to any direct link you use to easily help identify where responses came from.

Send surveys securely.

Every link we generate is SSL secure. You can also password protect your survey, so only those invited can take it. Or include a CAPTCHA to keep unwanted bots out.

Share surveys on
Facebook and Twitter

FourEyes integrates with Facebook and Twitter. So you can share secure links to your surveys from your respondents' fave social networks.

Create secure,
shortened links

Tweet out a shortened link from FourEyes. So you won't have to paste a huge link or use a third-party service to shorten it for you.

Compatible with all
the popular web browsers

Never fear broken images or skewed multiple-choice lists. FourEyes surveys look great on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and usable versions of IE.

Give FourEyes a shot. It's free.

Close your survey confidently knowing your data is good.

Get better data

You won't pay a penny to get advanced survey functionality that results in cleaner data.

For example, FourEyes uses a robust validation engine - so you can be sure that the data you collect is actually legit. You can also anonymize your data to protect your respondents.

Close manually, or based on rules

You can collect an unlimited number of responses with our free surveys.

Close your survey anytime you'd like. You can also set an auto-close date (which is great if you have a strict deadline). Or set a response quota, and we'll automatically close your survey to new responses as soon as the quota is met.

Surveys that are mobile-friendly

We auto-detect when your respondents are on mobile devices, and adjust the survey to the appropriate screen size. iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone compatible.

Give FourEyes a shot. It's free.

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