The survey builder you'd build if you built survey builders.

Thoughtful Builder

Easily drag and drop questions to build your survey. There are 24 types of questions you can ask, all of them fully editable. Plus:

  • Customizable page + section headers
  • Insert page breaks
  • Make questions required
  • Format with HTML or plain text
  • Bulk-add choices for multiple answers
  • Remove question numbering
  • Change label and option positioning
  • Tag questions
  • Add images to questions and choices
  • Set label column widths

Customize each question.

Write, reorder and delete questions easily. And because every single line of copy your respondents will see is editable, FourEyes works for surveys in any language.

Give FourEyes a shot. It's free.

Handle Complex Questions

FourEyes is made by data geeks for data geeks. (Ahem, "data enthusiasts.") That's why our branching, skip logic, and more complex questioning are totally easy to implement.

You can show or hide a Q based on an answer to a previous Q. Jump to a new page based on an answer. And because numbering is dynamic, you never have to worry that your respondent will be confused finding themselves moving from Q6 to Q13 - it just won't happen!

Soft-require questions. Hide values. Hide a question by default. Randomize basically everything. Use custom scripting. Do all the things.

Make hard questions easy.

Pop into the branching menu. Here you can easily set conditional logic rules to serve respondents only the questions that are relevant to them.

Build Custom Questions

Put multiple simpler questions together to form more complicated questions that better suit your needs. And, if you find a question type we don't have that you need? Let us know.

Ridiculously Good Looking

Let's be honest.
Most surveys look like they hail from the '90s.

But FourEyes looks great because, well, we like great-looking things. If our version of "great-looking" doesn't match yours, that's ok - you can customize everything. So the survey you send will look the way you want it to look.

  • Choose from our theme library
  • Create custom themes
  • Customize HTML / CSS
  • Add your own logo
  • Customize fonts and sizes
  • Customize template colors
  • Edit survey width
  • Edit all copy, including buttons

A dinosaur-free builder.

The clean, minimalist drag-and-drop editor never gets in your way. So you can create the surveys you want faster and with far less frustration than ever before.

Give FourEyes a shot. It's free.

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