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Got a survey wishlist? You do now. Here's everything we'll give you to build and distribute a charmingly smart survey in FourEyes.

Survey Builder Essentials

In FourEyes?

Drag and drop questions to build surveys
Randomize questions
Customize page headers
Customize section headers
Insert page breaks
Make questions required
Set max and min lengths for responses
Bulk-add choices for multiple-choice questions
Orient labels and options above field, below, to the left and "Likert"
Number questions dynamically
Remove question numbering
Auto-format questions, like currency and percentage
Edit survey text with a WYSIWYG editor
Access a question library
Create any of 24 question types

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Survey Branding and Design

Select from a clean, modern theme library
Create a custom theme of your own
Customize the HTML / CSS templates
Customize font family and size
Customize template colors
Edit survey width
Edit alt text
Edit error messages
Edit all survey copy
Edit button text
Use a back button (can be hidden)
Add optional progress bar

Advanced Survey Building

Use complex questioning / branching
Soft-require questions
Hide values
Hide a question by default
Randomize question choices
Randomize columns
Customize and control scripting
Branching: show or hide a Q based on answer to previous Q
Branching: jump pages
Pipe options and answers / questions
Pipe pages
Separate answer titles and reporting values

Survey Distribution

Embed your survey
Set an auto-close date
Set a response quota to auto-close after the quota is met
Trust our RegEx validation
Integrate with Facebook and Twitter
Password-protect surveys
Confidently send to users of any web browsers - fully compatible
Ask unlimited questions and get unlimited responses
Trust the security of the links you send (SSL, HTTPS)
Send shortened links
Use iframe survey embed
Send invitations directly from FourEyes
Send plain-text emails
Send HTML emails
Send a test email to yourself or members of your team
Send reminder emails
Customize the reply-to email address
Schedule your emails in advance
View the status of sent emails
Customize your thank-you messages
Upload contacts from file and manage contacts
Copy and paste contacts in bulk
Add a single contact
Auto-detect mobile devices and adjust survey to screen size
Anonymize survey data
iPad, iPhone and Android compatible
COMING SOON: Accept payments

Give FourEyes a shot. It's free.

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