Reordering questions

If you need to change the order of the questions in your survey, you can easily drag a question and drop in the new position you wish it to display. You can initiate dragging a question by clicking on the Move icon in the options bar in a question box, or by clicking and holding on the vertical question highlight bar on the left-hand side of a question box.

Your new question position is saved immediately upon releasing your mouse click hold in whichever position is indicated by the move placeholder. Don't worry, if you accidentally drop it in the wrong spot you can easily move it again to make sure your questions are always in the perfect order.

Changing display mode

You can also change Question View modes by clicking on one of the icons on the right-hand side of the breadcrumb bar above the question list.

There are two available modes, Full and Condensed.

Full - Show the full question preview inline.
Condensed - Show only a preview of the question text.