Adding & removing questions

New questions

Adding questions do your survey in FourEyes is very easy. You can drag and drop question tags from the list on the right, or double-click on a question tab to automatically insert it at the end of your survey.

You will be immediately prompted to edit any questions your insert, but you do not need to make any changes immediately if you aren't ready to do so. Any changes made will not take effect until you've clicked on the Save button, so you can always revert your current modifications by cancelling an edit.

There are a wide variety of question types, and you can use combinations of them to achieve most desired survey configurations. You can find the full list of question types here: [Question Types Link].


Sometimes it makes sense to reuse your existing questions, particularly when sections of your survey have similar choices, scales or questions in general. You can easily duplicate questions by clicking on the question copy button, located in the option bar, floating in the top-right corner of each question box in the builder.


If you need to remove a question from your survey, the options bar in each question box has a delete button which will allow you to immediately delete questions.

NOTE: Removing a question is permanent, and you will be prompted to confirm the action before you complete it. You should be sure that you want to delete a question before you do so!