Scale management

In FourEyes, you can keep your own library of customizable rating scales, for use in both Rating Scale and Rating Matrix questions.  This lets you reuse scales across multiple questions and surveys, providing you with an easy way to generate a consistent set of choices across all uses.

NOTE: Scales you create under one survey are not usable under another survey unless you import them as described below.

Creating a new scale

You can create a new scale by clicking on the Create New button in the top-right corner of the Scale Library.

Specify a scale name, and specify the choices one per line in the text box. You may use HTML to mark up the choices if you need to customize them.

Importing a scale from another survey

You can import a scale you used in another survey if you wish to reuse it. Importing is necessary across surveys, so that you never run into a situation where modifications to one survey's scale affect another survey.