Answer Piping

Piping allows you to pass the answer of a previous question into a question later in the survey. The question identifier surrounded by % signs is used to indicate piping - i.e. %indentifier%.


Imagine you have the following two questions:

  • Which of these is your favourite drink? --> Cola/Lemonade/Orange juice/Apple juice
  • How often do you drink %favourite-drink%? --> Every day/Once a week/Once a month/Rarely

Piping questions

Note the identifier being set in the first question: 

Piping identifier

Advanced Piping

For questions that have multiple answers, such as an Input Field Grid, the later question can use piping by using the identifier with a dot (.) and number i.e. %identifier.1% or %identifier.2%.


In following example, the user is asked to provide their favourite drink between the following types: Beer, Wine and Soft drink. The later question uses the respective answers to request the frequency that the user drinks each type.

Multi identifier questions

Note the identifier being set in the first question and the corresponding fields in the second question.

Question identifier

Identifier fields

Here we see the questions in use in the survey.

Page 1

Piping Q1 survey

Page 2

Piping Q2 survey