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How often do you write essays for your assignment? If you don’t write frequently, then you might be unfamiliar with the best writing techniques. For writing any kind of essay you need to develop a structure for it first. You will need to have an outline to remember what you want to write in the essay. You can ask a professional writer to help you out with writing your assignment.


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First of all, learn what kind of essay you are writing. You can do that by going through the instructions your teacher has provided. For writing a narrative essay, you have to tell the readers a narration about your personal experience. You just have to focus on keeping it interesting. How will you do that? To understand this, you need to thoroughly read this article.


How to write the essay?


Writing the essay is easier if you have any previous practice. You need to start the essay by crafting an outline. In case I don’t know how to write an outline, I will ask an essay writer to write my paper. You need to compose a concise introduction for the essay, no need to add any form of explanation. Narrate your story using three to four body paragraphs. Keep the writing in transition.


At the end of the essay, summarize all learning outcomes in a single paragraph. Do not incorporate any new information in this part. End the narration on a good note.


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How to craft an outline?


You need to first brainstorm the ideas for your essay. Classify your thoughts in your mind then take a piece of paper and write them down. Write all the stuff in headings and the related points in subheadings. Make sure that all the content is inflow. Do not abruptly jump from one point to the other. If none of this helps you, then you might need a sample outline for your essay.


Sample outline


Take a look at the following template for the outline of a narration. This template will help you in writing any form of narration.

1)      Introduction

  1. a)     Hook: start the essay with an interesting sentence.
  2. b)     Background: establish a small background of the essay with the help of literature or by yourself.
  3. c)     Thesis statement: craft the main purpose of your writing. Include the objectives and outcomes of the essay.

2)      Body paragraphs

  1. a)     The first paragraph: start with a topic sentence, and explain a single aspect of the story. you can explain the setting of your story in this paragraph.
  2. b)     Second paragraph: write about the main characters and side characters involved in the story.
  3. c)     The third paragraph: unfold the mysteries in the story one by one. You can give reasoning and explanation of whatever you have experienced. Also include some background of the incidence. You can mention its impact on your thoughts afterward.

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3)      Conclusion

  1. a)     Reinstate the thesis statement.
  2. b)     Summarize the ideas that you have written in the essay.
  3. c)     Write the key lessons from the incident.


You can use this template and incorporate the content of your essay. You should always write the main points of the essay in the outline before starting the writing part. Do not write this part at the last case, I have less time to submit the assignment, I will ask an essay writing service to write my essay. Do not take any chances when it comes to grades. The outline will guide you throughout the writing process.


Ask expert writers to help you. You will need guidance when you will start composing any form of narration. If you get stuck at one point, you might forget anything that you have to write. So keep an eye on the outline while writing the paper. After writing such essays three to four times, you will learn how to craft a good essay.


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