What is the use of movies in English

Foreign filmsare different. They vary by genre, duration, story, cast. Each of them are special events. The world appears in aspecial paint. But for all their differences, something in these movies is always the same – the contrast with our own culture. And best the picture can be assessed only by watching movies in English with subtitles. What kind of movies are with subtitles? What are they so useful? It is necessary to understand, as once you understand – that is nothing new and not invented. Very standard movie that we look to the Russian voice. Only with other voices, expressions, and even intonations. But at the same time, benefit from such a view, no less than pleasure. The reason is as follows. With these films the audience remember and associate foreign words, and on asubconscious level you know in what situations, what phrases – what's the matter. Anyway, it is more appropriate to answer. Why is this happening? In fact, everything is simple. Psychologists havelong established that our subconscious inserts ourselves in place ofthe main character, which we observe. And that's why we empathize with him, understand him. For this reason, we instinctively remember a variety of phrases, situations, methods oftheir solution. That, you see, has a certain advantage. When viewing a foreign film, or the show's, cartoon, with Russian subtitles, you can hear it in English. So remember the pronunciation and meaning. But, you can watch the original with English text, so that the subtitles only repeated voiced characters ofthe word. Thus, it is possible to understand their spelling and even grammar. Is particularly well demonstrated in this children. When growing up, they areimmersed in the surrounding atmosphere. Quickly adapt. Such filmsare very popular with those learning aforeign language. Especially if you want to learn the language as quickly as possible, without tedious memorization of rules. The method of watching movies with English subtitles most convenient and unobtrusive. You do it when you are comfortable, most importantly–every day. Only then the result will not keep itself waiting long. Compare your native language to what is taught in thecourses. You probably don't remember all the rules thoroughly. But you correctly build a sentence or phrase. This isall done on an intuitivelevel. It is this intuitive knowledge of the language of film sand activate. Where to start? Do not immediately take on complex patterns. Start with a simple cartoon, daily serials about everyday life, funny movies. Among themeasy to choose something nice and easy to learn to have fun by memorizing some basic words. Fore xample, "home Alone" or "Mask". Many of you have seen these movies many time sand already know where that means. Thus, you first need to watch the movies that you are familiar with. Thus, albeitslightly, but you will make the first important step – will begin to understand. Watch movies under a decent pretext, what could be nicer? If it is hard? Most likely, in omprehensible and unfamiliar words will be a whole lot. But you shouldn't be upset, – write them, disassemble separately, remember. It's pretty simple. Special attention should be paid to thefollowing essays for sale issues: the more you write, the less you want to teach. On the other hand, more words, more knowledge. Where is the middle ground? It is to learn words in sentences that a real ready partially understandable. What is notclearentirely– its hould to postpone. Just postpone. Gradually, you'll begin to understand them without difficulty. Although, no one bothers to learn all that unfamiliar. And it's great. 

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