Your input is needed for the Vita Rest Area and Gardenton Park Master Plans

The RM of Stuartburn, Sunrise Corner Tourism and Ukrainian Village and Museum Society are working towards developing landscape master plans for the Vita Rest Area and Gardenton Park. The intent of a master plan is to provide an overall vision for future development along with a concept plan drawing and a high-level capital development cost estimate. These master plans will form the basis for future grant applications to see our vision turned into reality with the ultimate goal of creating opportunity in our region.

The first step is stakeholder consultation – that is, getting input and ideas from those who will be impacted by or are interested in such development. We will be consulting with key stakeholders including the RM and Ukrainian Village and Museum Society as owners of the two properties, Sunrise Corner for potential tourism and economic development opportunities, local residents and business owners who would benefit from these developments, and tourists who travel to or through our region.

All these ideas will be taken into consideration by the landscape architects when creating the proposed master plans. Some ideas may be simple to incorporate into the plan. Other ideas may be proposed in a phased approach, starting small or basic and continuing to build as resources become available. Keep in mind, some ideas simply won’t be possible for a variety of reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input – it is greatly appreciated.

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