How to write a brilliant opening statement in essay writing?

Essay writing seems to be a daunting affair for some students. They consider it an overwhelming job to do. Therefore, they look forward to an essay writing service whenever their teachers ask them to write a handy essay.

In contrast, some students take a keen interest in writing comprehensive essays. For them, writing is a dauntless job. They never get bored or fret out while compiling any piece of writing. 

However, such students sometimes struggle a lot to get top-grades. Each time they try their level best to write unique and extraordinary content. But as a result, they don't get the expected result.

It happens due to several reasons. The primary reason among all those reasons is the lack of writing an interesting opening statement.

Writing an intriguing opening statement in essay writing is the key to attract readers towards the content. No doubt, content is the king. Simultaneously, it is the utmost duty of a writer to mention an intriguing opening statement.

 Essay writing is an excerpt of writing in which a student has to express his thoughts, ideas, and emotions related to the topic significantly. Becoming a rhetoric essay writing demands a student to put down informative, interesting, and unique content.

However, students have to learn the importance of writing impressive opening statements. Students may get additional help in writing from the legit essay writing service with the help of the best assignment tests.

An opening statement consists of the first one or two sentences of the essay. It is also referred to as a hook statement.

 A hook statement in essay writing has great importance. Teachers stress to learn how to use a hook statement in essay writing. It has further types. Each type has unique worth.

Students make a common mistake of ignoring the importance of a hook statement. When a teacher assigns them an essay writing task, they spend time brainstorming and researching the topic.

It is a good practice to follow. It is true that if a student will not have profound knowledge about the topic, he cannot write a remarkable essay. But, it is also a fact that writing an attention-seeking opening sentence is one of the most important factors to develop an interest in the reader's mind regarding the topic.

 A hook statement is a statement that motivates people to read the complete text until the end. For instance, if a student is writing an informative essay, he must commence the paper with a surprisingly amazing fact.

 It will trigger curiosity in the reader's mind. Consequently, he will take interest to know details about the surprising and unique fact.

Once a reader starts reading the content, it is the responsibility of a student to keep the engaged readers in the content. He can use a different hook statement again anywhere in the essay.

However, it is notable that using a hook statement time and again is not a good practice to follow. Students often make this common mistake of putting down a hook statement time after time.

 Such practice leaves a bad impression on the reader. A reader thinks that a writer doesn't have ample information about the topic. That's why he is mentioning a hook statement over and over again.

 So, it is highly recommended for students to use a hook statement properly.

As essay writing is the last resort for students, they must take an interest in writing top-notch essays. No doubt, putting pen to paper is as simple as ABC, but writing top-tier essays is a challenging task for students.

Well, students have to learn to weave stories, look for typos and subtle features of a subject according to the topic.

College essay writing services assist students not only in scoring good grades in academic careers but also pursue their professional careers extraordinarily.

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