Berman and Wallace, the most trusted and reliable wedding catering Dublin


With their years of experience, our caterers at Berman and Wallace have mastered the art of creative cooking. Our goal is to serve our customers with fresh, flavorful, mouth-watering food that is tailored to their preferences. As one of the best catering companies, Berman and Wallace provide excellent service to all of Dublin's prestigious locations, as well as delicious and organic food. If you choose us for your event, you can rest assured that it will be in good hands. We will also assist you in choosing the greatest foods for your special occasion.


We take pride in having clients who have been with us since the beginning, which speaks volumes about the quality and class of the food we serve. We can accommodate all types of events, including private parties, venue parties, christenings, office celebrations, and even conferences. We are also asked to serve scrumptious party food at various high-end corporate functions. The food we prepare is delectable, fresh, and enticing, and we use only the highest-quality organic products. This distinguishes us from our strong competitors.


We have a large network of local vendors, DJs, florists, and 80s musical groups, as well as a Marquee. We promise fantastic entertainment alternatives no matter what your party theme is. We are also a prominent catering company that provides delectable European wines. With over 14 years of expertise in the catering industry, we are proud to provide full-service catering for any type of event.


All of our food items, such as sauces, muffins, cookies, bread, ham, beef, turkey, chicken, and so on, are made fresh every day. In addition, the juices we provide to our customers are 100 percent organic and include no added preservatives. That is why we are the best when it comes to wedding catering Dublin and other significant events.


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