How Czech Women Test Men

Most men will agree to have sex with almost any girl, and if they will filter women – it will usually be based on their physical appearance. But women are different.

Many men are frustrated oy being tested by Czech women. Those tests are often called “shit tests”, and a woman will use them to gather information about the man. A girl can often choose to date you or not, based on these tests. Your looks will have very little effect on her decision.

So why are women testing men, how to react to those “shit tests”, and what exactly is she trying to find out about you?

Why Is She Testing You?

First of all, let’s begin with the good news – a Czech woman will be testing you only in case she feels some attraction and interest towards you.

If a girl is behaving “nice” towards you, it usually means that she sees you as a “nice guy” that isn’t attractive for her.

There are several reasons for which a girl is going to test you, but the idea is the same: Women have a different attraction mechanism than men have.

Czech women are mainly attracted to masculine behavior, rather than physical looks. Therefore, a girl will always try to check your confidence, your social skills, your ability to lead, she will check if you have other options in your life (or whether you’re totally desperate and needy).

You will be  checking her boobs and ass, and she will be checking your masculinity.

But another reason, why women give men so many tests, is connected to biological factors. Biologically, a woman can have only one sexual partner, because eventually she needs to give birth to only a single child at a time.

Therefore, while a man can go and spread his semen as much as he wants, a girl will choose only a single man. That’s why women will always be pickier than men.

Tests Czech Women Use

The most common qualities a girl will be testing is your confidence and your neediness. Of course, you will try to be as confident as you can, as less needy as you can. But, of course, she might check also other masculine qualities.

Here are some examples of those “shit tests”:

  • “How many women did you sleep with?”
  • “Are you looking for a serious relationship?”
  • “Buy me a drink!”
  • “Have you ever cheated over one of your partners?”
  • “What was your longest relationship?”
  • “Are you trying to pick me up?”
  • “I don’t think it’s going to work between us?”
  • “You have a weird shirt”

Those are just examples. You will never know what are the exact values and beliefs the girl has, so really “answering” those questions is pretty hard, and most of the chances are that you will fail.

But you don’t really need to answer. The best way to react to shit tests is to understand why the girls is really asking you them. Her subconscious mind wants to check how confident and stable you are.

You want to show her that you don’t really care about her questions, and that you aren’t afraid that she’ll leave.

Techniques To Pass Shit Tests

There are several techniques to pass a Czech girl’s shit tests:

Staying Apathetic

The purpose of a shit test is to get you out of your calmness and to check how stable you are. So a good way to deal with the test is to stay calm. Don’t answer her immediately. Take a few seconds, and then give a short answer. There words are not very important.


Her: “Are you trying to pick me up?”

You: (Staying calm and relaxed, looking into her eyes) “Yes.” (it can also be “no” as well)

Her: “Are you looking for a serious relationships?”

You: “Yes” (or No).

What most men do is getting stressed and giving a very long and unclear answer. That’s a bad way to deal with the test. Giving a short confident answer is a great way to deal with shit tests.

Absurd Answer

Another technique is to show that you don’t care about her test, by giving a totally unexpected answer.


Her: “How many women did you sleep with?”

You: “I used to be gay, so I’ve only been with men”

Her: “Are you looking for a serious relationship?”

You: “I don’t really like sex, so I suppose we should just stay friends”

Changing The Meaning

You take her answer, and give make it a test for her.


Her: “Are you trying to pick me up?”

You: “Are you picking me up and trying to blame it on me?”

Her: “What is this shirt?”

You: “You don’t need to impress me by showing that you understand fashion”

Her: “Are you trying to pick me up?”

You: “We just met and you already want to take me to bed? I don’t know you yet”


Sometimes, ignoring can be also a good tactic. When she gives you the test, simply continue the conversation as if it never happened.

Just ask her another question, tell her a story, whatever. Just ignore her test.

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