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We wrote about who Kato Lomb is and why she is considered an amazing person in our article "Learning English using the Kato Lomb method". We will not repeat it here, be sure to follow the link and read the article, but do not forget to return here 😃.

In this article, we will tell you about the 10 commandments that Kato Lomb left for those people who really want to learn a foreign language.

1. Practice your language every day. If you have a busy schedule, spend at least 10 minutes a day. The most effective time to study is in the morning.

2. If the desire to engage too quickly weakens, do not force but do not drop out of school. Think of some other form: put down the book and listen to the radio, leave the exercises of the textbook and look through the dictionary, etc.

3. Never cram, never memorize anything separately, in isolation from the context pay for essay.

4. Write out of turn and learn all the "ready-made phrases" that can be used in the maximum number of cases.

5. Try to mentally translate everything that is possible: a flashed advertising Board, the inscription on the poster, fragments of accidentally heard conversations. This is always rest, even for a tired head.

6. Only what is corrected by the teacher is worth learning firmly. Do not re-read your own uncorrected exercises: when reading the text repeatedly, it is remembered involuntarily with all possible errors. If you study alone, then learn only the correct one.

7. Ready-made phrases, idiomatic expressions write out and remember in the first person, unit hours. for Example: I am only pulling your leg (I only tease you). Or: Il ma rose ' un lapin (He did not come to the appointment).

8. A foreign language is a fortress that needs to be stored from all sides at the same time: reading Newspapers, listening to the radio, watching non-duplicated movies, attending lectures in a foreign language, studying a textbook, correspondence, meetings and conversations with native — speaking friends.

9. Don't be afraid to talk, don't be afraid of possible mistakes, and ask them to correct them. And most importantly, do not get upset and do not be offended if you really start to correct.

10. Be firmly convinced that you will achieve your goal at all costs, that you have an indomitable will and an extraordinary ability for languages. And if you have already lost faith in the existence of such — and rightly so! — then think you're just smart enough to learn a little bit like a foreign language." And if the material still resists and the mood falls, then scold the textbooks — and rightly so, because there are no perfect textbooks! - dictionaries — and this is true, because there are no exhaustive dictionaries-at least, the language itself, because all languages are difficult, and your native language is the most difficult. And it will go.

Listen to the advice of experienced people and learning foreign languages will become real, interesting, easy and fun!

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