2020 Review: Best Money Transfers

Nowadays, with banks' offer getting outdated and quite overpriced, online payments have become very popular and convienient.

With a few taps on a screen in a mobile app you can easily order a money transfer to other part of the world. However, with so many different platforms to choose from and with a versatile offer on the market it's hard to make a decision which to use.

So, how can you send money cheaper online?

Let's take a look at the most popular money transfer platforms and some tips on how to save money on international transfers.

Read Reviews

We read reviews and check the feedback before buying a car or going to the restaurant, so it's equally important to make a research before trusting some company with your money. Especially if you plan to send the money on a daily basis or need to make a bigger payment.

It's important that you read both positive and negative reviews to learn the full picture. For example, here is a good example of TransferWise Review. It is one of the more popular transfer platforms. The author of the article explains their fee structure, exchange rates and how to use the platform and covers both positive and negative customers' experience and compares the service with other platforms and mainstream banks.

It is only one example but you should read few of such articles to make up your mind.

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