History Essays – Guidelines

Writing history essays is nothing different from writing any other essays. It is only that the subject differs. A history paper, one will have to keep in mind, has to be very precise with dates and happenings. Information given in the essay has to be accurate and a lot of detailed examination and research will have to go into the topic. So it is imperative for the writer to collect as much notes as possible. However one must also take care to see that the notes collected are relevant and pertaining to the theme and help me with english homework - irrelevant and illogical facts spoil the temperament of the paper and the writer will end up getting poor grades. A history paper will generally follow the mla essay format or will be written as in a Chicago style paper.

Given below are examples of how to write history on various topics:

The seven years war was the actual first world war – expand

The Seven Years War which lasted from 1756 till 1763 was in true sense the First World War as it involved conflicts between all the powerful European states of that time and also involved America and India. It involved major skirmishes between Prussia, Britain and small German states against a coalition of major powers consisting of Russia, Austria, Sweden, France and the Saxony. This war had its roots in the result of the previously fought War of Austrian Succession (1740-1748). Austria had never wanted to give up Silesia to Prussia and it was unhappy with the continuing colonial expansion of Britain and France. So in a true sense the Seven years War was a continuation of the Austrian War of Succession. Later Portugal (on the English side) and also Spain (on the French side) were drawn in to the war. Netherlands who had wanted to remain neutral had its force attacked in India…..

Impact of American Revolution on Europe

The American Revolution refers to the formation of the sovereign United States of America during the latter half of the 18th century. During this revolution the thirteen colonies of North America refused to be under the rule of the British Empire and monarchy and declared their independence. Many social changes were noticed and many republican ideals took shape at this time which resulted in democracy for the American people and also created the basics (liberty, equality, rights, anti corruption stance) that form the political values of America even today. The American Revolution was an eye opener for many countries under colonial or monarchical rule leading them to realize that they could also break away and form elected governments. This revolution….

History essays make it essential for the writer to give a detailed description, complete with dates, and strong evidences for all given arguments. This will in turn require the writer a lot of in-depth exploration on the given subject. Read the given sample essays on history topics to see how to write this paper well.

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