Welcome to the 2021 Tekkie Awards Nomination Site

The Finopotamus Tekkie Awards, co-sponsored by Credit Union tech-talk, recognize outstanding achievement in the field of credit union technology. The winners of the 2021 awards, acknowledging the technology stars of 2020, will be announced in Q2 of this year. Nominations are being accepted for the following categories:

Core Integration. For credit unions that have achieved exceptional success integrating a wide range of third-party products via API or other means.

COVID-19 Response. For credit unions that effectively leveraged technology to ease the impact of the pandemic on members and employees.

Data & Analytics. For credit unions that used data and analytics to improve member experience, drive member engagement and/or increase revenue.

Lending. For credit unions that deployed lending technology that improved member experience and/or strengthened the loan portfolio.

Self-Service. For credit unions that created self-service channels that push the idea of a frictionless, omnichannel experience to new levels.

Nominations are limited to state and federally chartered U.S. credit unions, as well as Canadian credit unions, but can be submitted by the credit union itself, by a technology provider, or by a PR agency.

Deadline for submission is May 1, 2021. 

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