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With regard to the future education system in different countries of the world, the need to develop certain skills and competences will be key. Taking into account the fact that there is already a demand for certain skills in the international labor market, schoolchildren should acquire this base while studying at school and continue to develop certain skills at the university.


The concept of "do-it-yourself" will again become popular for students of the future: they will have access to resources and resources where they can get the knowledge they need and shape their knowledge in a way that the job market and the world of the future require. It is not necessary to spend four or five years at university if one is planning to work in a narrow and new field, especially given the fact that university programs are now slightly behind the real demands of employers. In other words, programmers learn better in practice, gaining their first experience and writing code than spending a few years at university and studying theory.


Artificial intelligence will continue to evolve, so it is important to understand what place a person will occupy in the world of the future and gain knowledge in areas where he or she cannot be replaced by jobs and machines. Another important aspect to consider when considering the future of the education system in Ukraine and in the world is global demographic change. The last few years have been followed by a certain sequence: an increase in mortality and a decrease in fertility. As a result, the number of young people in the world, unfortunately, is also decreasing. That is why it is so important not to be afraid to learn new skills, because in the world there will still be a huge amount of work tasks that someone has to perform. It is advisable to have a qualified staff that can meet these needs.

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Summarizing all the above aspects, the ability to adapt to the new conditions and challenges of the future will be the most useful skill not only for students, students and workers in Ukraine, but also in the whole world. The dynamism and speed of development of the world and the newest technologies are no longer stopped. All we have to do is adapt to the needs of society and the labor market.

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