6 Ways youth can benefit from ESA dogs

With the increasing demands of the modern-day world, the GPs are referring an ever-increasing number of young people to Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists. The financial burdens and the disruptions in social relations have pushed the majority of the younger people to the brink of mental collapse. Globalization has led to the development of a huge-scale corporate sector development in almost every country of the world. 

At realesaletter.com, we understand the importance of emotional support animals (ESAs) in providing comfort and companionship to those in need. For youth struggling with mental health issues, an ESA dog can be a source of love, joy, and stability. Studies have shown that ESA dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve social skills and self-esteem, and provide a sense of purpose and responsibility.

It has been empirically proven that strong social relationships are vital for the optimal functioning of human mental health. With busy schedules, family members don’t have time for each other. Some younger mental health patients are living in isolation without any human presence. By owning an ESA animal along with the ESA letter, the mental and physical health of the owner would improve and become stable. In such a scenario an emotional support animal would serve as a much-needed respite for the person. An emotional support animal or ESA is different from a normal pet because it serves a therapeutic purpose for the owner.

 ESA Letter California

             What is an ESA Letter and How Can it Help Youth? - This heading provides an overview of what an ESA letter is and how it can be beneficial for youth who require an emotional support animal, particularly in the states of California, Texas, and Florida.

Here are six benefits of youth owning an ESA animal

Reduction in Cortisol level

With the presence of an emotional support animal, you feel emotionally supported and comforted. Best dog breeds for ESA would always like to cuddle and hug their owners. Emotional support animals mentally occupy the person and mind and leaves little to no space for overthinking. However, you must have information about the ESA letter for housing. It is an official document that is mandatory for avoiding problems pertaining to the residential requirements. 

The presence of an ESA animal also serves as a distraction from daily life stressors. Almost all the ESA owners have shown a reduction in the stress hormone known as Cortisol. The excess level of cortisol hormone has been shown to cause inflammation in the body and increasing anxiety levels. Emotional support animals are a source of considerable stress reduction because of their loving nature and affection towards their young owners.

Improving and stabilizing mood

If you are suffering from any psychological disorder, you must have noticed periods of fluctuating mood and energy levels. Sometimes the mood swing is so severe that it causes disruption in the relationship with family and friends. Human mood and emotions are dependent on thinking and cognitive styles. An emotional support animal provides opportunities to the owner by playing with them and showing unconditional love for their owner. It has been widely observed that psychological patients who spend a considerable amount of time with their ESA have shown improvements in mood stability.

Improvement in the Physical fitness

Psychological problems cause severe anomalies in the person's routine and healthy lifestyle. Most psychological disorders are debilitating in the sense that they make people get stuck in their rooms for an extended period. There is no motivation for any physical exercise. However, emotional support animals’ owners have to go for morning or evening walks with their ESAs because it is the physiological demand of the animal to have a decent amount of physical activity. The city walk tour with ESA animals has been reported to have a positive effect in improving optimism and will to live in patients.

Cure of loneliness

Many young owners have reported that after the inclusion of emotional support pets into their lives, they have started to feel less lonely. The reason behind not feeling lonely is the quality company that the pets provide. The majority of the owners adopt dogs as their emotional support animals. Dogs are very loving and affectionate and they like to spend time in the physical presence of their owners. Dogs as ESA provide a presence of buddy in the previous isolated lives of the owners, which ultimately improves the psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Reduced depression

Due to the maladaptive pattern of living a modern life, the youth of our country is suffering from increasing complaints of depression and mood disorders. The primary reason is based on the fact that the youth lack interpersonal skills and many of the young people have a lack of relationship stability inside and outside the home. As a result of disruptive psychosocial relationships patterns, young people are falling prey to depression. Owing an ESA dog would provide immense help by increasing the socializing chances for the young owner. As many of the dog owners hang out together in the form of group or walking tours. So, owning an ESA would create additional opportunities for the owner to increase his social circle and improve his sense of wellbeing.

Improvement in dopamine and Endorphins

Owning a dog would help the young owner opportunities to exert physical energies by taking care of the owner. The majority of the dogs are very active and the owners need to keep pace with them. Dogs need physical activities for the optimal functioning of physiological functions. The dog would push the person to take them outside for walks or any physical activity. Some dogs love to play on the beaches while others like swimming with the owners. Research has demonstrated that any kind of physical activity is helpful for the dog owner because of the increased levels of happy neurotransmitters known as Dopamine and Endorphin in the brain.

So, to conclude it is evident that owning an ESA animal would prove extremely beneficial for improving the mental health of any young person.

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