Pranks on Instagram - truth or divorce

Today, every second user of social networks is concerned about the question of what are rallies on Instagram: truth or divorce. Modern bloggers organize contests to attract an audience, popularize products. They play modern gadgets, cosmetics, money, etc. on their pages. And who of us has not looked on the Internet for ways to make easy money without leaving our home?


Unfortunately, few people are concerned that scammers are hiding behind remote earnings. They are trusted by citizens to increase their own earnings. Therefore, various promotions on Instagram and other social networks should be treated with caution. Here you can easily "run into" a deception, and now we will find out why.

What are Instagram pranks?

The administration of the photo hosting service does not require money for the giveaways. In the rules for using the application, such events are not prohibited. Giveaways from the stars on Instagram are arranged in order to promote your personal brand and attract new followers. Every time a promo post is posted to member accounts, more people will know about the giveaway founder. The audience increases, the page becomes popular, so selling your products or services becomes easier.

Anyone who organizes a competition must spend a certain amount to buy prizes. The more expensive the gifts are, the more people will take part. But, if you approach the organization of a give irresponsibly, the effect of this method of promotion will be minimal. And even the iPhone 11 won't help as a prize.

What competitions are there

The difference between the givs is determined only by the rules for the participants. And the principles of conducting, as a rule, are no different. In order to find out what the stars are holding for the rallies on Instagram, you need to consider their varieties. So, contests in insta are:

  • easy;
  • difficult or hard contests.

Easy givas mean simple rules for participants and expensive gifts. Subscribers can be required to like the photo, publish it on their page. Or upload your contest photo with the required hashtags. The value of prizes in such events, as a rule, does not exceed 15,000 rubles.

In more complex contests, rules of increased complexity are spelled out. Some artists ask subscribers to take a photo against the background of the poster, draw their portrait, etc. But how not to "bite" the divorce on Instagram with raffles of valuable gifts? Let's figure it out further.

Is it realistic to make money on surveys on Instagram?

Today, advertising publications are often found in the news feed of the insta. In some posts, Russian cinema stars and media personalities offer to take a survey for a cash reward. Lera Kudryavtseva, Timothy, Maxim Galkin, Olga Buzova and others are promoting polls for money.

On their Instagram accounts, artists talk about how much they love their followers. Further, they invite everyone to take part in the drawing of a car, phone, cosmetics, money, etc. To do this, you need to swipe on the line "More", which is at the bottom of the post.

After a person clicks on the button, they will be taken to the main page with the “largest survey of 2020”. Such a drawing of money on Instagram implies passing a survey from major sponsors and receiving cash rewards. At the bottom of the main screen, everyone can read the reviews of the “lucky ones” who have already received their winnings. They only reinforce trust from users, so people actively participate.

But, unfortunately, after making the confirmation payment, the person will not receive the promised prize. Fraudsters create such rallies from the stars on Instagram, and the reviews “wind up”. All pages are fake, and videos with artists are in no way associated with the competition.

Why are contests like this moderated on Instagram?

Before taking the survey, it is advisable to read the public offer on the main page of the site. It says that information about receiving money does not yet guarantee that the winner will receive it. These are just assumptions about what the upcoming earnings may be. In general, everything is arranged according to the law, so the fraudsters will not bear any responsibility. Very easy to win with instagram viewer tracker.

The only possible option is to spread information about the dishonest competition among your followers. Every time they come across an advertisement, they will complain about it.

Several reviews about paid surveys and giveaways on Instagram
Before you take part in any giveaway, it is recommended to read reviews about the giveaways on Instagram. Fraudsters even use the names of well-known banks, inviting people to participate in contests and receive substantial rewards . So, for example, recently from the bank of Kazakhstan "Halyk Bank" in Instagram they arranged paid questionnaires.

The participant had to follow a link to a suspicious site, go through a fake authorization and answer questions. After the survey was completed, the person had to deposit an amount for the "transactions" winnings. It is clear that after the transfer of money, there was no promised reward.

Similar false actions were organized in the Insta on behalf of Sberbank. After passing the fictitious survey, the respondent had to transfer $ 3 in order for the "transit" page to be opened. Of course, after the payment was made, the respondent did not receive any money. Therefore, everyone who thinks about what rallies on Instagram are - truth or divorce, you should definitely read the reviews about them.


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