ES S2021 - Exit Survey of Graduating Students: Textile Engineering Department, NEDUET for (BS Textile Science)

About the Survey:

Congratulations on your graduation from the NED University, Textile Engineering Department! This is a significant achievement and we are proud of your success. As part of the graduation process, we would like to request your help completing a short survey.

All answers are kept confidential and will in no way reflect negatively on the person completing this form. Be assured that the information you provide will be summarized and reviewed by the leadership in order to improve.

Thank you again for your response.

Please indicate your level of satisfaction, agreement or disagreement for each of the questions below according to their respective scales below:

Highest Feedback Rating for the Question:  5

Average Feedback Rating for a Question:     3

Lowest Feedback Rating for the Question:    1


1 *

Please select the your Enrollment Batch?

2 *

Please write your Class Roll. Number: [ TS-18xxxx ] ?

3 *

Are you satisfied with the theoretical and practical knowledge gained in the program?

4 *

Is the program effective in developing analytical and problem-solving skills?

5 *

How good are you in using modern IT and scientific software tools?

6 *

Has the program developed independent thinking in you?

7 *

Are you satisfied with your communication skills?

8 *

Have you understood the basic principles of planning an activity?

9 *

Do you think you can effectively work as a member of a team?

10 *

As Scientists are you motivated to take decisions under difficult situations that incorporate ethical principles and professional practices?

11 *

Do you believe that continual updating of knowledge is essential for professional improvement?

12 *

Do you feel the environments were conducive for learning?

13 *

The internship experience was effective in enhancing your Professional Development, Discipline, Judgment and Time Management skills ?

14 *

Is the program too heavy and induces a lot of pressure?

15 *

Whether scholarships/ grants were available to students in case of hardship?

16 *

How likely are you to recommend this study program to others?

17 *

Any additional observations and comments you  may like to share with us?

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