How to use Auto Clicker for Windows

In an Auto Clicker For Windows, tasks are performed similarly to those physically performed by humans. This article will provide you with a deep understanding of the free auto clicker.

The auto clicker, as its name suggests, automates mouse clicks. It is especially useful for gaming. It might seem easy to use a mouse. Why then is it necessary to use software like auto clicker?

Several games and applications require repeated mouse clicking, which is quite monotonous and exhausting. As a result, players use auto clickers to generate input in the form of clicks. This makes it a useful tool when frequent mouse clicking is required.

Table Of Contents

  • General features of an Auto Clicker
  • How to Auto Clicker Download
  • How to set up and use an Auto Clicker
  • Points to consider before choosing an Auto Clicker
  • Some of the best Auto Clickers for Windows

The auto clicker for windows is used not only for online games to play with friends on different computers, Online games as Well As Online games for PC, Free Multiplayer Games PC, flash games for pc, and Web games but also for image editing, document editing, and web page editing. This can be very beneficial when doing repetitive tasks that are tedious and time-consuming for humans.

 In short, an auto clicker for windows makes our life easier by doing things faster and efficiently. Is there an auto clicker for Windows? Don’t worry, In this article, we will explain everything about an Auto Clicker for Windows, from its features to auto clicker download procedure, its setup, and use! Alright, let’s dive into it!

Auto Clickers For Windows have the following features

The Auto clicker for Windows performs tasks as humans would physically. Compared to humans, it allows mouse clicks at a much higher rate. The following is a list of some amazing features of an auto clicker for Windows:

  • Low CPU usage
  • Free from malware or advertisements
  • Click on a specific spot or follow your cursor
  • When using a portable application
  • You can choose how many times to click
  • "Free and open-source"
  • Clean and convenient user interface
  • Select a time between clicks in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours
  • Click once, twice, or three times

How Auto Clicker Download

There are several situations in which it is required to make repetitive the fastest mouse clicker for windows. And this is undoubtedly boring, hectic, exhausting, and whatnot. That’s why auto clicker Download will make your life much easier.

 Here’s a step-by-step guide to download an auto clicker:

  • Click here to visit the official auto clicker website:
  • Click on "Download" to get started
  • Once the download is complete, open the file
  • To start the installation procedure.
  • Click OK to finish setup, and start using the auto clicker

Pro Tip: Using the auto clicker can be as simple as pinning it to your taskbar.

How To Use An Auto Clicker For Windows and Its Set Up

Using an Auto Clicker for Windows can boost your productivity and also save you time and energy. Here's how you can use it:


  • Run the auto clicker for Windows by clicking on its icon after downloading and installing.
  • Using the shortcut that you prefer, you can start and stop clicking.
  • To save a keyboard key, click on it.
  • The automated clicking can now be started or stopped.

Additionally, you will have the following options to choose from:

  • The time interval between clicking.
  • And where you wish to click.
  • The color of the background of the auto clicker.
  • Choosing between fast and slow mouse clicking speed.

Remember to run the auto clicker with administrator rights. Alternatively, if you find that your keyboard shortcut isn't working, you can use your mouse shortcut.

The Best Auto Clickers for Windows

The following is a list of some of the most popular Auto Clickers for Windows. You can choose any of them according to your preferences.

  1. CB Auto Clicker For Windows
  2. Free Auto Clicker
  3. Free Mouse Clicker
  4. GS Auto Clicker
  5. Autoclicker by Shocker
  6. OP Auto Clicker

1 . CB Auto Clicker For Windows

As CB stands for Click Biza, it is called CB Auto Clicker For Windows. "Click Biza" is a company that developed CB Autoclicker. With more than a decade of experience as an IT and web developer, Click Biza is a reputable company. In addition, we built a specific automatic clicker software. This auto-clicker allows you to automate mouse clicking on-screen elements. In this article, We will describe how this software can be used by both game developers, And Application developers. Web surfers will find the tool useful for specific situations. 

  • The software is available for free as open-source software.
  • A specific web browsing scenario was taken into account when developing the tool.

2 . Free Auto Clicker

This is user-friendly for both auto clicker for Windows and free auto clicker for Mac. Automated clicking is easy with it. There are free versions of the Free Auto Clicker for Windows 8, And 9, as well as 10. It includes advanced features such as:

  •  There is a time interval
  • Available by clicking on the schedule
  • Pause button
  • On the left and right

Hence, it is one of the best auto clickers for Windows.

3 . Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker provides the option of a single or double click and is very easy to use. There is an option to set the timing of mouse clicks.

With Auto keyboard click, it can be started and stopped. This program is free to download an auto clicker and is extremely easy to use.

4 . GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto clicker stands for Golden Soft, and it is designed specifically for Windows. The most effective and easiest way of an auto clicker for beginners.

The options menu lets you select the mouse button as well as a single or double click. You can also select how many times to click. To start automatic clicking, you need to press a Key, known as the HotKey.

 5 . Auto Clicker by Shocker

One of the most popular auto clickers among gamers is Auto Clicker by Shocker. It is simple, easy, and convenient to use. By allowing you to choose the number of clicks and the time limit. It gives you complete control and flexibility.

It takes very little time to install. So, You can use it immediately. Shortcut keys are available, time limits are sets, And it generates unlimited clicks.

6 . OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker is a fully-featured auto clicker that lets you choose between single, double, or triple clicks. You can also select the maximum number of clicks or leave it unlimited.

As HotKeys can be used to start or stop the automatic clicking process, it is considered user-friendly software.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, auto clickers For Windows have become increasingly useful. You can not only automate repetitive tasks. But also bring your productivity to a whole new level by using them!

Using an auto clicker can provide you with significant assistance in fulfilling your daily clicking requirements. You can simply download an auto clicker instead of madly clicking the mouse button (until it cracks!) It will effectively fulfill your need for repeated mouse clicking.

On the internet, you have probably seen several auto clickers. Each with its features and installation procedures. But if you are looking for the most simple auto clicker, CB Auto Clicker is the best.

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