How To Write Articles Critique

It is a very important task to be a critic. It is not true to say that anyone can do it. Or rather it is true to say that very few people can do it well unless they know the ropes. There are tips, there is a way in which you should weigh all the facts if you are to become a successful writer of the article critiques. But if you will struggling with that assignment you better ask help from relibale writing service like


Read everything first


One of the easiest mistakes to make when writing a critique of an article is to not know the contents in full detail before you start to write. Some people say read the article first. That is good advice but what they should really say is, read the article twice first.

You cannot expect to produce a first-class critique unless you are totally familiar with the subject you are to write about. Even if you know the topic of the article, what you need to know is what the writer of the article said about the topic. There can be quite a difference between the two.


Have a plan of attack


You need a system, a method, a way in which you go about writing a critique of an article. List your plan. Write down the way you are going to go about it and have this plan in an easy to see position. You could write the plan in large print and stick it on the wall in your writing area.

Because you have a plan and if you stick to it you will find two things will happen.

the critique will be easier to write

the critique will be a good one


What steps should you take?


Have a tidy workplace. Remove the clutter so that you can concentrate fully on the job in hand. Next write down the steps you will take to write your article critique. Here is an example of the steps you might take.


1) read the entire article

2) read the entire article again

3) highlight the facts or main points in the article

4) give a rating or score to each point with 0 being terrible and 10 being great


If you follow a plan such as this, certain things will happen. First you will have a good knowledge of what the article actually says. Second you will be able to see at a glance the main points being made in the article. Third you will know in an instant if each point is brilliant mediocre or terrible.

With that information you can then make sure your article critique is the best it can possibly be.


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