That Summer Romance

As summer fast approaches (at least, in my part of world), some of you may be envisioning what summer has in store. I am, of course, referring to *your* love life or dating life. Ah, romantics. Craigslist heads filled with notions of having that summer romance.

I’m off to the beach for the weekend, hence, my thoughts turn towards memories of old fantasies like bumping into Mr. Right as I walk along powder-fine white sand, surf tickling my toes, the sun bronzing my skin, while the wind is gently caressing the hem of my white summer dress. Yes, the details are a dead-giveaway that it’s all a fantasy. LOL.

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Summer means beach. The beach is a great place where young people congregate and mingle. You do meet new people on the beach. Possibilities to find romance is higher. The relaxed atmosphere paves a way for lesser inhibitions, makes room for *magic*. Kolkata Craigslist Ads 

Do we frown upon such summer romances? If expectations are set right — you’ll entertain it with a mind set that it just may not last — then by all means, go and have fun. There will always be that chance that it can turn out to be more serious than just a summer fling, we’ll never know unless we give it a go, yeah? But do be wary. Sometimes, summer romance ends with the season.

Have you ever had a summer romance? A relationship that started on that last beach trip? Perhaps you have some summer romance story to share, please do. We’d love to hear it!

New way to mark your territory

The ”Internet predator awareness and online safety act” has been approved at the state Senate’s Commerce Committee despite the objections of companies such as Yahoo! and

The bill would require any Internet dating service to disclose online and by e-mail whether or not it conducts a criminal background check. The site would have to tell a user if it allows members to have criminal records, but it doesn’t have to say what that record is. doesn’t conduct background searches because they’re so unreliable, something that Republican Senator and former Alachua County Sheriff Steve Oelrich confirmed. He said criminal background checks are iffy things and would give ”a false sense of comfort” to users who could think that a ”Jack the Ripper” was really a ”Jack Robertson” until it’s too late.

Only the dating service bans anyone with a criminal background from belonging, according to committee testimony. That led senators and rivals to question the company’s motives in pushing the bill. They noted that online networking sites, such as MySpace, are far more likely places for predators to lurk for children than dating-service sites.

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