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Keno is a game where it is quite easy to earn money In fact, you can check up to 20 numbers and win from 3 randomly drawn numbers at some online casinos. Therefore, casinos sometimes take a commission on every game to make sure they can win money and make their business more profitable.

Since the betting program, winnings, bonuses, jackpots, the number of numbers that can be checked vary from casino to casino, the same fees vary from casino to casino. The impact of these fees can drastically reduce a player's profitability. In addition, each casino can create its own payout grid. To find the best casino, you will have to compare hundreds of grids, sometimes difficult to understand, and find the best bet/win ratio given these commissions.

In addition, Keno is a particularly popular lottery in Asian countries, especially China. Many shady Chinese casinos, where mafia and hardcore players proliferate, offer Keno games with big payouts. Make sure you only visit sites where you can deposit your funds with confidence.

Finally, another point to always keep in mind is the advantage that free games and Keno bonuses can offer. Free games will allow you to test your strategies, understand how Keno works and how the game works. We strongly advise our readers to always test the game, understand all its intricacies, before starting with their own money. Once this is done, it is recommended to take advantage of the bonus to increase your capital. Thus, you will be less at risk of losing your capital.

Of course, if you don't match 10 winning numbers, you will still win a fairly large subtotal. Also, you don't have to check all 10 numbers and you can check at least 2. But as we have explained, Keno's payout grid increases as your stake increases.

Let's take two examples. It is played for 1 euro and marked with 5 numbers, just like in loto. 4 winning numbers come up and you get 10 euros.

In the second game, €2 is played and 7 numbers are marked. 4 winning numbers come up again, but this time he gets 4 euros.

Why such difference? By because the Keno payout grid depends on both the number of winning numbers and the number of numbers you check! Therefore, we advise you, if your capital allows, to always bet 10 numbers. However, you must accept this type of arbitration award. Never forget that Keno is a game of chance and payouts in Keno are random. Don't risk your capital too much if it's modest enough, in which case you'd rather play two games with 5 numbers each rather than one game with 10 numbers. Choose the best strategy and stick with it.

The chances of hitting the jackpot in Keno are lower than in Lotto. However, it is possible to modulate the bets in order to optimize the winnings and thus have a much better chance than in the lottery of winning intermediate sums of several hundred euros. Therefore, winnings in Keno are interesting if you have a clear strategy.


For more clarity, we have prepared this Keno payout table for you. This will give you a clear idea of ​​what you can expect to win in Keno. Issued by the FDJ to Keno winners or tobacco vendors only. But we will break it down here for you so that you can understand the distribution of keno winnings.

To these returns we must add the multiplier (between 2 and 10) applied by the DFJ. This multiplier is randomly selected before the balls are drawn.


It can be seen that Keno payouts follow a linear evolution depending on the stakes. You can also get your bets back if you haven't checked for numbers that are 8 or more digits long. This is a significant win advantage in Keno, which is why we recommend playing at least 8 numbers in every draw.

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