Y'all, get this: FanDuel Group is about to change up the whole game for sports fans in the States. They're the first ones around here to mix live sports streams with real-time betting odds right on their site and app. This is all thanks to a sweet deal they've struck with Sportradar AG, those big shots from Switzerland who know a thing or two about data and media.

Now, the sports we're talking about aren't exactly the Super Bowl or anything. We're diving into some quality mid-level tennis action and German Bundesliga soccer. But hey, FanDuel's betting that folks will be stoked to have the chance to stream and bet on the same platform. If we look over the pond to Europe, the buzz around a game can blow up—like double or triple—if you can slap a bet on it and watch it live, according to the main man at FanDuel Sportsbook, Niall Connell her comment is here.

Connell's like, ""When you drop some cash on a game, you're gonna wanna see how it all goes down."" And I mean, he's not wrong. Imagine throwing money on a horse race and then having to guess what happened! Plus, he says a ton of these tennis matches aren't even on regular TV, so it's a big win for sports junkies.

Word is they're gonna make the big announcement about this team-up on Tuesday.

Now, this idea of gluing your eyes to the game while your bets are riding high isn't new. Vegas has been doing it for ages with their sports books and massive screens. But bringing this vibe online? That's where it's at. Especially because you can bet on stuff as it's happening, like the very next point in a tennis match, then watch the drama unfold right after bbc.

What's the Norm Across the Pond
This kind of set-up is old news in Europe. You'll find it for anything from the English Premier League to the NBA. Sure, the video quality's a bit more like watching on your grandma's old TV so they don't step on the toes of the media giants who've shelled out for the full rights.

For the big leagues in the USA, it's a trickier situation. The top-notch games are all wrapped up in hefty TV contracts that were signed way before sports betting got the green light in some states. Sooner or later, you can bet that leagues like MLB and NBA are gonna carve out some special media rights just for gambling. Meanwhile, FanDuel's gotta play with the cards they're dealt when it comes to live sports streams cnn.

But hey, let's not downplay this—it's a huge leap for FanDuel Group. They've been on a roll since 2018 when Paddy Power Betfair, those Irish betting tycoons, scooped up FanDuel. Now they're a billion-dollar behemoth making waves in the US sports betting pool. Just last month, they pulled in more than twice the cash of the next guy down the line in New Jersey.

Game On for Tennis and Soccer
The streams for all that tennis and soccer goodness? That's coming straight from Sportradar, which is basically the LeBron James of selling live rights and data to sportsbooks and media companies. These folks are in with the cool crowd—think Turner Sports, NBC, CBS Interactive, and even tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. And on the betting side, they're buddies with big names like Bet365, Ladbrokes, and William Hill.

Now, FanDuel's not hogging all the fun—they don't have exclusive rights to these games in the US. So yeah, you might see competitors like William Hill or DraftKings getting cozy with Sportradar for the same deal cbc. Connell's betting they will, but he's also betting that FanDuel's gonna get the glory for hitting the ground running.

Sportradar's no small fry either. They were valued at a whopping $2.4 billion last summer, and they've got some serious players in their corner. We're talking about the NFL, and NBA legends like Mark Cuban, Michael Jordan, and Ted Leonsis all backing this powerhouse.

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